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Green Building Tax Rebates and Energy Cost Recovery

Upgrades that Pay for ThemselvesEnclave can also help you adopt energy efficiency policies that can qualify your building for tax rebates and save you thousands on your operations.

Utility companies and government entities frequently incentivize dealerships to convert older, inefficient lighting, heating, cooling and other systems to contemporary, high-efficiency technology. Moreover, advanced accounting and IRS procedures that larger corporations have benefitted from for years are now available to entities of all sizes, specifically for dollars spent renovating and building dealerships. All of these programs can earn you tax incentives, rebates and a variety of other cost recovery benefits that lower your initial investment – and that generate ongoingenergy savings that continue to pay you back month after month.

What can this mean for your dealership? Exact figures will vary from location to location and project to project, but over the last five years, we have successfully earned our clients more than $1.5 million in federal tax benefits and $400 thousand in utility rebates, with more savings accruing every single day.