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Enclave is a leading provider of construction services to the automotive industry and other select enterprises. Our success comes from our ability to deliver our clients outstanding, functional design along with substantial cost and time savings, regardless of the project’s size or scope.


By emphasizing value without sacrificing quality – and by leveraging decades of proven, practical industry experience – we’ve earned a reputation as a true innovator and trusted business partner. Moreover, the broad range of solutions we provide, including considerable energy efficiency savings, tax rebates, utility rate reductions, accounting strategies and more, mean that the value we provide goes well beyond the construction stage, delivering real financial return for your business months and years down the road.

Who we are

David Litty, Founder


David Litty founded Enclave Enterprises in 2007 and quickly built the company into a leading provider of automotive and commercial construction management and energy services.  He accomplished this by delivering a perfect combination of successful project management experience, client-focused insight, and advanced energy and efficiency solutions. It is an approach that generates real world results for owners by minimizing their capital outlay and maximizing their financial return. Even in a challenging economic environment – or perhaps because of it – Enclave clients find particular value in the company’s ability to help them open quickly and recover substantial money by leveraging a wide variety of incentive programs available through the federal, state and local government as well as through utility sources.

Before Enclave, Mr. Litty managed over $200 million in nationwide automotive dealership projects for the world’s largest automotive retailer over nine years. Before joining the automotive construction industry, Mr. Litty spent ten years leading international design teams on resort and residential projects for one of the world’s foremost land planning and design companies.

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We are professionals.  We know this business, and how to run your construction project like a fine timepiece.

We keep you saving through energy building rebates and tax benefits.  We know the usual pitfalls, see them coming.  This helps to keep your business and your budget on track.

We know the players and keep the team focused, logistics planned, and and help you weigh your options from conceptual design to interior furnishings

Like any business endeavor, the bottom line is what counts.  Enclave professionals are here to help ensure just that.  With Enclave at the helm, the planning and implementation of your project comes to fruition-with dedication, diligence, and savings to you!   We stick to it. We get it done. Contact us today.

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