How We Work

Enclave Enterprises is a professional project management firm for your commercial building construction project.

We coordinate the design, and keep construction teams under a cohesive plan to ensure that the project comes together the way you intended.

We do more than just project management.  We can source your furniture, equipment, and energy-efficient lighting.   In addition, your Cost Recovery specialists will help you to capitalize on the full benefits of “green” building, finding you tax rebates, and recovering some of your investment.

What We Do

Our Specialty

At Enclave, we bring together individual professionals and organizations to build a cohesive, productive team, and remain focused on your success.

Design a Plan

We are seasoned professionals who know the many facets of this business. Once we have assessed the project, we help you to build a “Plan” that will allow all of the parties to stay track at every turn.

Build and Collaborate

Collaboration means working in a unified manner.  We assess the team strengths and weaknesses, and use it to create a balanced, cohesive work environment. We recognize that communication and collaboration is a vital toward project success.

We Manage it

It starts with good planning derived from a carefully-crafted, achievable goals. We communicate the Plan with all of the parties, with pride and urgency, and ensure that all of the project partners take ownership in the Plan from that point on,

Focus on the Bottom Line

We know that the bottom line is important to you, so Enclave helps you to build the most productive endeavor possible.  We assist in building target budgeting parameters and steer your project into your prosperous future.

Stride Across the Hurdles

We are able to quickly identify any opportunity for improvement or potential problems.  We have the experience to holistically seek methods to overcome any hurdles to promote uninterrupted, productive progress.

We Are Here to Help!


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