energy efficiency savings

As one-time grants and governmental tax benefits initiate the cost recovery process, operational benefits provide the most comprehensive opportunities for long-term reductions and efficiencies.  Build it right and operational costs provide additional cost recovery possibilities:

  • Utility Company lighting and efficiency rebates for efficient design and construction
  • Reserve Studies:  engineering assessments to predict future capital needs to allow owners to regulate and moderate expenses, fees, etc.
  • Energy Audits:  comprehensive building and systems analyses to generate specific practical savings and efficiency solutions
  • Utility Rate Reduction Studies:  more than 50% of utility rates and bills for commercial clients are incorrect & if corrected, pay-back may be a maximum of five years
  • LEEDS Commissioning:  essential for renting to governmental agencies and beneficial for various cost reductions depending on location
  • Energy Star Certification:  official certification means discounts and rebates from insurance and utility companies
  • Due Diligence Property Acquisition Reports: prior to or after acquisitions, these reports represent essential information for our clients to determine values and expenditures necessary to bring properties up to current or necessary codes and requirements

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