project management

Experienced Management for Your Construction ProjectsA well managed project happens when all of the different players – designers, architects, construction companies, and a myriad of other vendors – become collaborators instead of antagonists, and when a manager with the right knowledge and experience can marshal all of those players under a single, effective plan.  Enclave brings that level of knowledge and experience to your project.

Enclave maintains the highest standards of workmanship, materials and engineering – standards which translate into:

  • A better, faster and cheaper construction project.
  • Positive experiences for everyone who makes use of your facility – businesses, tenants, customers, visitors, and employees.
  • A satisfactory review by county and municipal regulators.


Here are the construction related services that we provide.  If you want, we can be a one stop shop.

  • General contracting in CA and FL
  • Design consultancy (and architects licensed in 16 states)
  • Budgeting & asset management
  • Timeline coordination
  • Site selection & surveying
  • Feasibility, environmental & impact studies
  • Permit acquisition & processing
  • Governmental & community relations