WIN Hyundai and WIN Chevrolet in Carson, California:  Enclave was commissioned by the WIN Group to remodel the Chevrolet store as well as create a new iconic Hyundai showroom that could compete with four competing stores that are much larger, multi-story and built with parking decks for additional volume and highway presence along the I-405 Freeway in Los Angeles, California.

Enclave held a design competition between three auto architects, selected Stantec Architects to create a two-story 20,000 sq.ft.  showroom with a large second level auto display ‘bridge’ that appears to be ‘moving’ directly to the freeway.

Adjacent on the same property, the existing Chevrolet store is being remodeled to comply with General Motors’ Essential Brand Elements Image program.

Construction is anticipated to start March 2013 with completion scheduled for Fall 2013.  Estimated project costs $7,500,000.  Services offered:  Project Management, General Contracting, Furnishings & Equipment, and Cost Recovery.